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1010! is a colourful, simplistic and free puzzle title for your Android and iOS device that will test your brain in both short and long bursts.


Taking clear inspiration from the likes of Tetris 1010! revolves around players making lines of coloured blocks to earn points on the 10 by 10 grid (thus the 1010! name). Starting with a blank game board players will have 3 different coloured shapes on the bottom of the screen.

Dragging the aforementioned pieces can be done in any order and are only refreshed once all pieces are used, this allows for flexibility in using pieces and encourages you to think 3 turns ahead in most situations.

This choice of mechanics also means you’ll find a wide array of shapes such as the popular block, line, L shape and even single dot. Unlike Tetris sizes are not standardised with blocks as small as 2×2 or as large as 3×3 and similar varied sizes for the other shapes.


Each line made in a horizontal or vertical direction will earn you a healthy dose of points which are tracked at the top of the screen. This serves as the main drive of the game with players aiming to beat their high score or compete against their friends.

1010! is simple game but the lack of long term depth will keep it from being a title you play more than a few times.


  • Make horizontal and vertical lines to score points.
  • Use the 10×10 blank grid to make a high score.
  • Compete against friends and other players for the highest score.
  • Plenty of colourful block sizes and shapes to use.
  • Free for Android and iOS devices.

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1010!, 7.6 out of 10 based on 13 ratings
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