About Us

GamesLikeFinder.com is a video game recommendation website that launched in 2013 with the goal of helping gamers find similar games. We have a team of dedicated staff who are gamers themselves that work behind the scenes to bring you personalised recommendations that are editorially selected (with help from gamers like you) and not matched using a computer algorithm. This means more relevant recommendations and a better overall user experience.

We are dedicated to providing a large number of quality reviews to help you find games based on what you have previously enjoyed. Our mission is to have the most regularly updated and comprehensive collection on the web so please do not hesitate to contact us with your suggestions and feedback.

In order to achieve our mission we promise to:

Never Use Slideshows:
We hate websites that use slideshows and we know that you do. Here at Games Finder we promise never to use tactics like this, all of our recommendation lists will always be visible on a single page.

Stay Updated:
A database of games isn’t very useful if it’s outdated, this is why we strive to constantly hunt down new games for inclusions and remove games that are no longer available.

The Best Recommendations:
With our team of editors we carefully pair games together to give you great video game recommendations. We do not include games in very early stages of development or games not available to the public on our lists.

Let YOU Drive The Ratings:
The gaming community is vast and that’s why we let you drive our rating system, vote for your favourite (or least favourite) games to participate and help other gamers on their search for similar games (editor review scores are included on each review but our recommendation pages show user scores).


Scoring Policy:
To help you better understand the ratings that we give to games we have outlined what is required for games to reach a particular score. We consider these scores most accurate when compared to games of a similar category.

We score games on a 1-10 scale (10 being the highest). To make our review scores more transparent we also include the platform the game was reviewed on and include data from review aggregate websites to help you make better decisions.

1 – Don’t Bother: A game that scores this low is never worth your time and a crime against gamers.
2 – Awful: While a step in the right direction a game that scores a 2 has little redeeming qualities.
3 – Terrible: Starting to form something that looks and feels like a video game.
4 – Bad: Has a few enjoyable elements but not enough to warrant playing.
5 – Nearly There: Gameplay is mildly amusing but core game issues prevent it from being a decent game.
6 – Average: More positives than negatives makes this an okay gaming choice.
7 – Above Average: Nothing note worthy or exceptional but worth taking the time to play.
8 – Great: Has all the signs of a great game but falls short in some minor ways.
9 – Incredible: No major issues ensure this game will provide many fond memories.
10 – A Must Play: High quality experience that exceeds expectations and should be on any gamers ‘must play’ list.