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Release: Jun 2014
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Adventure Time: Battle Party

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Good: Short games – Adventure Time theme – Good variety of characters
Bad: Some lag – Little strategic depth
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Combing the craziness of Adventure Time with the MOBA genre is Adventure Time: Battle Party a simple browser based adventure with a surprising amount of variety packed into it.


Whether you want to fight against friends, random internet users or against the AI bots you’ll be able to do it across the two available maps that offer two lane and one lane combat with a number of neutral monsters in between.

Matches are a 3v3 affair in Adventure Time: Battle Party and with over a dozen of your favourite characters to choose from. Each of these fills their own role on a team from tank to ninja, fighter or ninja can be customised further through backpacks. Champions come with a passive and 3 active skills each that are all easy to understand especially when paired with the detailed descriptions on the game website.

Backpacks allow you to really craft your own playstyle and dictate how you want your favourite character to play. Each backpack comes with 5 items that you’ll level up during a match to enhance their stats which can change your basic attack power, health, lifesteal and much more.

Uniquely matches in Adventure Time: Battle Party are time limited to keep them short. While some games will reach this limit (and give the victory to the team with the most points) you’ll still get a decent number of bass destroying victories to enjoy. Points are generated for last hitting minions, enemy champion kills, neutral kills, tower kills and a few other in game actions.


Controlling your character is probably the weakest point of Adventure Time: Battle Party with not a great amount of responsiveness taking away some of your combat finesse. This is definitely compounded by the sometimes laggy experience with drop-outs of other players seemingly common.

Adventure Time: Battle Party is easily the most interesting and well-designed of the browser MOBA options although less than responsive controls keep it from being comparable to the fully fledged MOBA games out there.


  • Play as your favourite Adventure Time characters.
  • Customise your playstyle with backpacks.
  • 3v3 battles across two game maps.
  • Time limited matches keep the games shorter.
  • Simple to learn makes it an ideal first MOBA adventure.

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Adventure Time: Battle Party, 8.0 out of 10 based on 13 ratings
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