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Age of Empires: Castle Siege

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Good: Great historical campaigns – Four troop types and hero units
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Bringing across the Age of Empires strategy series to the freemium base building genre Age of Empires Castle Siege is a medieval themed mix between tower defence and base building released on Windows 8 in 2014 and eventually making its way to both iOS (2015) and Android (2017).


If you’ve played a game like Clash of Clans before then you’ll instantly be familiar with the formula that Age of Empires Castle Siege is trying to replicate. Playing as a leader of your civilisation you’ll maintain your castle, produce resources, upgrade buildings and train troops in the most efficient way possible. With more resources and buildings comes increasing variety in technology and troops to use in demolishing your enemies castle. The rewards for this destruction are crowns which serve as a mechanism to keep track of scores and compare players to each other directly.

The path to topping the charts for crowns obtained though is a long one and along the way players will need to establish a strong foundation of resource generation across the three resources of food, water and stone. Alongside these the premium currency of gold which is also handed out daily can be used to bypass waiting timers or research restrictions.


To separate itself from the massive trove of games within this genre Age of Empires Castle Siege employs Age of Empires themed troops and buildings along with offering greater control to players on the battlefield with the ability to command your troops just as one would within the core Age of Empires series. While the bulk of these are basic troops that fall within four broad categories of infantry, archer, cavalry and siege they can also be joined by hero units and special troops.

The Age of Empires theme is a welcomed addition to the base building mobile strategy genre and definitely sits on the better end of the spectrum when compared to similar titles, although doesn’t do enough to stand well above them.


  • Age of Empires themed base building title.
  • Available across Windows, iOS and Android.
  • Age of Empires themed structures and troops to use in battle.
  • Strong historical campaign to complete alongside PvP raids.
  • Rise the ranks as you collect Crowns.

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Age of Empires: Castle Siege, 8.3 out of 10 based on 11 ratings
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