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Release: Nov 2014
Reviewed on: iOS

Agent, Run!

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Good: Unique mechanics – Great difficultly level – 4 varied levels
Bad: Not enough items to spend coins on – Just one free level
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Agent, Run! Is a 2D endless runner that introduces some interesting mechanics to offer a compelling iOS and Android game. It’s perfectly suited for fans of this addicting genre wanting something with a bit more challenge.


With a simple back story that has players running through 4 levels as a secret agent attempting to save the world (while being chased by henchmen) the game doesn’t hesitate to get right into the gameplay. In order to unlock all 4 levels players will have to purchase the full game through an in-app purchase with only the first level available for free.

With a simple and effective tutorial on your first game run you’ll have the knowledge you need to go from your first 50m to 5000m. Unlike more traditional endless running games where you’re focus is on dodging obstacles by changing lanes or jumping Agent, Run! focuses instead on having you clear a safe path for your agent. This requires you to give the guard dogs a bone, smash open doors, jump over gaps, cut down vines and much more. Each of these actions requires something different from swiping to open up a door, to holding down a springboard to launch you over a gap or cutting a rope to drop a bone for the hungry guard dog below.

While your first couple of obstacles are spaced a fair distance apart you’ll quickly have multiple obstacles to deal with at once. This makes the game one of fast reactions and also memory as you have to remember the correct action to destroy that tree log swinging towards you. Every time you fail to overcome an obstacle the henchmen behind you will gain some ground and eventually catch up with you completely.


To keep you hooked Agent, Run! offers coins to collect and missions to complete. Missions range from reaching a certain distance, collecting a certain number of coins or completing a certain action. Once a mission is complete you’ll get a star to improve your rank and receive a replacement mission to ensure you always have 3 available. While coins are used to purchase equipment for certain obstacles or on one of the available game boosts (such as skipping the first 200m or getting a second wind).

Agent, Run! is a nice change from other endless running games out there and if you’re seeking a challenge it definitely provides one. While the presence of only a single free level might be annoying the lack of other in-app purchases or ads makes it a good trade off.


  • A side scrolling endless runner.
  • Jump over gaps, give guard dogs a bone and swipe open doors.
  • No ads or in app purchases (except unlocking the additional 3 levels).
  • Collect coins for equipment and boosts.
  • For iOS and Android.

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Agent, Run!, 5.8 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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