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Alliance Warfare

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Good: Visuals – Research depth – Premium cash shop prices
Bad: Ultimately just another MMORTS
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Alliance Warfare is a free to massively multiplayer online strategy game that you can play in your browser. The game takes place in a unique fantasy world where players have the opportunity to build a massive army and expand their kingdom.


The game world of Alliance Warfare has a fairly interesting story (a rarity for this genre) in which the world was created by two powerful Ancients. Getting tired of the squabbles of humans they decided they would let us live without them and forcibly split the four kingdoms once and for all. Now the world is in chaos as humans scramble for control of what little land they can get hold of.

It is now up to you to grow your own settlement by completing the large number of quests, fighting rivals, invading other cities and creating allies wherever you can find them. As you play Alliance Warfare your kingdom will slowly expand which will grant you access to new resources, research, buildings and weapons to push your enemies back even further.

Troop variety is fairly good in Alliance Warfare with over a dozen troop types and good diversity within each category for further depth. For example your main ground force could include all sorts of melee fighters including peasants, simple militia, swordsmen or axemen. This requires you to carefully balance recruitment costs and army statistics and choose your technologies wisely.


These technologies come from the research aspect of gameplay which is also quite in depth. Alliance Warfare relies on a standard skill tree system giving you upgrade paths to follow which helps give you some guidance towards certain strategies but still leaves enough room for experimentation.

The standout feature of the game though is the world chat and radio like system built into the game which really gives a great sense of community.


  • A unique fantasy world setting.
  • Attractive visuals and art style.
  • Plenty of depth in army choice and research.
  • Community focused with chat and radio.
  • Very reasonable prices for cash shop bonuses.

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Alliance Warfare, 8.2 out of 10 based on 10 ratings
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  1. K
    September 12, 2015

    After 3 years of playing I have quit the game as it now impossible to play when other players can hit you instantly i other words if you spend months building a big army a speed hero comes along and its gone in a few hours, it would be fine if the was a 20 second delay that way we could atleast try and defend but nope the devs dont care about the honest players

    a WordPress rating system

    a WordPress rating system

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