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Release: Jul 2015
Reviewed on: iOS


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Good: Unique game design and mechanics – Long campaign and multiplayer score challenges
Bad: Later levels require the right bears
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Alphabear is a unique mobile title combining the likes of scrabble with 2048 style growth. Available for iOS and Android with lengthy single player chapters and competitive score based multiplayer challenges Alphabear delivers a wealth of content for its free price tag.


Your objective in Alphabear is to form the longest words you can in order to grow your cute little bears across the game board and achieve a high score. While tiles need not be touching to make words players are best advised to focus their word creation to a single area to reduce the name of new bears created (bears of larger sizes are worth more points) and also prevent too many letters from populating the screen as they must be used within a certain number of turns before turning into a rock and becoming unusable.

While the mechanics might sound on the complex side they quickly become second nature while still offering enough discovery orientated depth that you’ll feel like you are constantly improving your game.

The single player campaign is split into 10 chapters of games that each put their own spin on the game formula, from not spawning certain letters to time limits and various board shapes. Adjusting to these conditions makes the single player an enjoyable adventure and combines with unlockable bear multipliers that can be activated in each level to keep you wanting to play.


Said special bears are selected at the start of a level and multiply your score at the end of the level or provide bonuses for certain levels. Given these are earned randomly as you progress it can be a great thrill to collect the uniquely designed bears and use their bonuses to overcome the more difficult levels.

As a free title the limiting factor in Alphabear is the honey currency which slowly generates over time or can be boosted through purchase or watching a quick ad. While this stops you binge playing Alphabear it is quite a fair system and you’ll get just enough play for each sitting.


  • A modern day scrabble game.
  • Collect unique bears to increase your scores.
  • Battle through 10 game chapters or challenge friends to multiplayer scores.
  • Plenty of strategy in planning out your next move.
  • Free to play for Android and iOS devices.

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Alphabear, 7.6 out of 10 based on 12 ratings
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