Metacritic (PC): 75/100
Metacritic (Wii): 83/100
Release: Apr 2009
Reviewed on: PC

And Yet It Moves

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Good: Unique – Good length campaign – Leaderboards
Bad: Some levels can be frustrating – No story/background
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And Yet It Moves offers a unique platform experience and was put together by the indie developer Broken Rules.


The game was released in 2009 for Windows and Mac and eventually made its way to the Nintendo Wii in 2010 (WiiWare). The origins of the game start back as a science project which after receiving a large number of game award nominations grew into a full game experience.

The game is as unique as it is fun with players controlling their character through a variety of puzzles and dangerous environments. The core element that players use to solve these puzzles is the ability to rotate the game world turning the walls and the roof into floor. This rotation of the game world also changes the gravity within the game since it always points downwards.

The art direction for the game only adds to the unique game world and is stylised to resemble paper with the player taking on the role of cutout piece of white paper. Paper is definitely a fragile thing to be made out of though so don’t expect to be able to fall large distances, this limitation only adds to the puzzle solving aspects.


And Yet It Moves has a good length campaign for you to explore this puzzling game world featuring 17 levels that take place over several different environments (20 levels on the Wii version). Once you are done with the campaign experience there is still plenty of other gameplay to enjoy with timed game modes, extra achievements and leaderboards.

If you love your indie games And Yet It Moves will feel right at home in your collection. The game’s unique approach to this sometimes stale genre will impress players and keep you entertained for an afternoon or two.


  • An amazingly fun platform video game with puzzle elements.
  • Good length campaign to experience.
  • Great amount of additional content beyond the campaign.
  • Available on Windows, Mac and Wii.
  • Unique game mechanics.

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And Yet It Moves, 8.0 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
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