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Release: Feb 2014
Reviewed on: iOS

Another Case Solved

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With the city now outlawing sugar the police have a full time battle on their hands to catch the big time smugglers. With other crimes falling by the wayside use of private detectives have sky rocketed and it’s a great time to be in your industry.


This leaves all the quirky cases to fall to you in your office as you match clues, find hidden items, identify your potential suspects and turn your office space into one of the best detective businesses around.

Starting out players will look right into the mirror and customise their look with hairstyles and a number of facial features to let you recreate yourself within the world. From here you’ll step right into your first case by helping Daisy Duffing find her missing cat which also provides the necessary tutorial for game mechanics.

The basic mechanics are similar to the other game by Chillingo, Puzzle Craft with players collecting matching tiles by drawing a line connecting them together. In Another Case Solved case this means collecting foot prints to walk around, magnifying glasses to investigate and question bubbles to ask all the right questions.


While simple the game expands on this further with levels, a large number of skills, interesting storyline and more detective style mechanics such as identifying your suspect in a similar manner to the popular Guess Who board game. Other investigative mini games including searching houses and and narrowing down a building to be inspected based on the provided clues.

The design of the mini-games in Another Case Solved really makes you feel like you’re solving cases as you piece together the information you have in order to find the solution and for that reason it’s hard not for mobile gamers to try.


  • Solve a large range of small and large cases.
  • Upgrade your office and character with skills.
  • Collect clues by connecting tiles.
  • Use your gathered information to narrow down what you are after.
  • Enjoy on iOS and Android.

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Another Case Solved, 7.7 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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