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Good: Large range of fish – Multiple aquariums
Bad: Few differences to Gardenscape – Low difficulty
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Aquascapes combines the popular Gardenscapes gameplay popularised by Playrix with the aquariam. Made specifically for those that want some repeat gameplay with a focus on fish the game has proven to be another Playrix released hit.


Your objective in this water themed title is to create the ultimate acquarium both in terms of decorations and fish. This also has the side of effect of watching a beautiful aquarium form in front of you which is much more interesting than a static garden.

Purchasing fish is central to the gameplay with options to pick up some well known breeds within the store menu. Purchases are limited by both your funds and experience to ensure you’ll be working at hard at improving both in order to create your dream setup. Decorations are purchased through a similar fashion and most are paired with a simple animation which can attract fish to investigate them further.

Standing in your way of all the pretty fish and decorations are the hidden object stages where you’ll make your money. These are simple enough to complete and function like any other hidden object title with a list of items for you to search for in the water themed levels.


While the gameplay never moves beyond this formula you’ll still get a great sense of progressions through experience levels and the likes of multiple aquariums to keep your projects separate.

If the hidden object genre appeals to you or you’ve found yourself hooked on Playrix’s other hit title, Gardenscapes then Aquascapes serves as an alternative water option.


  • Gardenscapes with a water theme.
  • Purchase fish and decorations.
  • Take control of multiple acquariums.
  • Water themed hidden object levels.
  • Available on Windows.

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Aquascapes, 8.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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