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Release: Nov 2012
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In Your Arms Tonight

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Good: Realistic – Prologue length – Character personalities
Bad: Price of extra chapters quickly adds up
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In Your Arms Tonight is an otome style game that you can play on your iOS and Android devices. The game is developed by Vintage who also create many other popular otome games for handheld devices.


In Your Arms Tonight follows a similar setup to other games from Vintage with a free lengthy prologue available for free and additional episodes available through an in app purchase.

You join the games story as a female character in her third wonderful month of marriage. At least it was supposed to be until you discovered that your husband of only three months has been recently involved in an affair. This is when you get support from a man that you never would have expected to come to your side and where the story of In Your Arms Tonight begins to blossom.

The story has plenty of drama in it and is a well-written piece just like the other games from the developer. It’s also got plenty of plot depth and twists to keep you interested as the game progresses. With four different paths for you to take and you can even focus on repairing your relationship with your ex, getting closer to your boss, experiencing what the smart art student has to offer or take up the option to go out with your sweet and very flirty co-worker instead.


In Your Arms Tonight continues the high quality of otome games that have been coming out from Vintage on portable devices in recent years. Everything feels very believable and puts you right at the centre of a dramatic adventure involving your heart and future.

Considering just how long the prologue takes to finish there isn’t a reason not to pick up that portion of the game for its free price tag and then reassess the game when it comes time to purchase extra chapters.


  • Available on iOS and Android devices.
  • Free lengthy prologue to enjoy (additional chapters must be purchased).
  • 4 very different men to explore storylines with.
  • One of the many games in the genre from Vintage.
  • Well-written and drama filled story.

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In Your Arms Tonight, 9.4 out of 10 based on 23 ratings
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