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Release: Dec 2013
Reviewed on: iOS

Band Stars

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If you’ve thought about starting your own band but lack the musical talent to do so Band Stars is the answer. This iOS and Android game lets you live the dream by creating your own band with unique musicians.


To start your musical adventure players will select their four starting band members from a selection of 10 starting choices that range from rapper to gothic and even robot. From here you’ll name your band and then move into the game world to create your very first song.

Recording songs is one of the foundations of the game which require players to select their label (limited to self publishing at the beginning) which is then paired with genre (rock, dance, etc.) and lyrics. Bonuses are awarded depending on the mixture selected.

From here you’ll have pick one of your band members to write the song, match them with instruments and launch the song onto the charts (local, national and global). Better songs can be produced by pairing your band members skills (split into lyrics, creativity, melody, rhythm and polish) with appropriate tasks. Players can also play a solo mini-game too boost the songs points even further which directly impacts on the quality of the song.

With each new song release players will gain more fans and cash which can be used to hire more members, get furniture or train band member skills. This fuels the game cycle with players creating better and better songs that eventually let you take on the global stage.


As a free to play game Band Stars relies on an energy system for each band member which can be recharged with drinks or furniture. It’s definitely not overly intrusive though and feels fair.

Band Stars is an amazingly fun mobile game and best of all its available for free. If you lack the musical talent to produce your own music Band Stars is a great middle ground.


  • Create your perfect band and hire your favourite musicians.
  • Mix genres and solos together to climb the local, national and global music charts.
  • Compare your best tracks to your friends.
  • Purchase items for your band to boost their energy.
  • A great free to play mobile management game.

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Band Stars, 8.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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