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Release: Jul 2013
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Battle Beach

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Good: Includes single player – Ranking system – Modern setting
Bad: Slow going early on compared to similar games
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What could be better than battling it out against other players on spectacular looking beaches? This is exactly what Battle Beach has to offer in one of the latest takes on the strategy genre. You can start your own adventure in Battle Beach for free on Android or iOS.


The game world takes place after a horrible event has left Earth and humanity in ruin with little hope of the human race regaining their former power. The only areas that are still able to be inhabited by humans are the island nations in the Tropics.

Battle Beach is not a peaceful world though with plenty of lawless pirates, raiders and marauders constantly attacking these coastal towns. The power to stop these attacks is in your hands but it will take careful planning, cunning tactics and quick decision making as you build up your army and create a defendable city.

In order to gather the resources for these actions though you’ll have to become a raider yourself in this dog eat dog world. Players are free to attack others with their army force but there is a single player campaign available where you can hone your skills for the multiplayer environment.


All of the other standard game features are there in Battle Beach including alliances, a global ranking system and plenty of upgrade paths for units and buildings to enhance their capabilities.

Battle Beach isn’t trying to break away from the many other games in the genre but it does offer a great setting and uses modern units which eases the learning curve as you’ll be familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of most units in the game.


  • Battle it out on the beautiful tropical islands.
  • Fight off raiders and become one yourself to ensure the survival of your colony.
  • Large number of unit types from a modern day era (soldiers, tanks, etc.)
  • Includes a single player mode to practice your skills.
  • Free to play.

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Battle Beach, 7.1 out of 10 based on 15 ratings
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