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Release: Aug 2013
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Battle Dragons

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Good: Dragons – Each unit type is very unique – Use sheep to feed your dragon army
Bad: Having friends willing to play gives you a large advantage
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Battle Dragons takes the strategy genre into the realm of fantasy and puts you at the head of a powerful dragon army. Battle Dragons is available on both Android and iOS devices and is free to play.


In Battle Dragons players will have to build their own fortress, train troops and attack other players. This mix of genres is very similar to the popular game of Clash of Clans but has enough unique feel to its gameplay that it is more than just a simple clone.

You’ll have to build your dragon empire from very humble beginnings in Battle Dragons with success requiring plenty of quick thinking and strategic plotting. In order to build your ultimate fortress you have over 40 buildings at your disposal with each serving an important role in your kingdom. Some of them will unlock new dragons for you to use in battle, some will serve a defensive purpose against attacks while others will store your gold or breed sheep for your dragons to eat.

In terms of dragons players have 10 different types that each have their own use in combat. This includes the brawler (your first dragon) who loves to smash enemies and buildings in front of them, the healer which is an important component of any dragon team and the spitter which is your main ranged unit. All of these dragons have impressive art work that really brings them to life.


Your own team of dragons won’t be enough to take over the entire game world though which is where your Facebook friends come into your Battle Dragons scheme. By teaming up with friends and creating your own Dragon Tribe you can give each other boosts towards upgrades, production and other time based gameplay elements.

The setting of Battle Dragons is one of the more unique ones out there and definitely is a nice change from the medieval focused games in the genre.


  • Create a dragon army from humble beginnings.
  • Huge range of structures to build up your city.
  • No shortage of defensive options to protect your settlement and your sheep supply!
  • Dragons look great and feel unique.
  • Free for iOS and Android.

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Battle Dragons, 7.3 out of 10 based on 21 ratings
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