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Release: Nov 2014
Reviewed on: PC

Battleline: Steel Warfare

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Good: Action and strategy blend – Tank variety and skills
Bad: Limited opportunity for single players to shine
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Battleline: Steel Warfare is a free to play high quality tank warfare game that offers an exciting mixture of strategy and action. With a large range of tanks and available game modes it’s a tank blasting experience that you can stay interested in during the long term.


In this co-operative focused experience players will get to own multiple tanks that each offer their own skills. These range from the ability to throw grenades for extra damage, slow down your enemies with a net, create a smokescreen and even cloak your tank so that you can re-position to get the jump on an enemy or flee from battle to regroup. These skills can boost both your tank and your allies in various ways which plays into the whole co-operative focus.

Each match requires players to move their battle line forward as a team while capturing various objectives along the way. These objectives will create new spawning points for your team or repair your tanks while rewarding you with hefty amounts of experience.

Combining this co-operative gameplay focus with map configurations that make use of lanes and primary bases the game almost feels like a MOBA at times. The massive number of tanks with their own stats, skill sets and strengths also adds to the MOBA style features.


Controlling your tank in Battleline: Steel Warfare is done with the WASD keys which makes it easy to move around the battlefield while freeing up your mouse to target enemies with your gun. In order to land a successful hit players must hold their crosshair over the enemy tank for a few seconds before it locks on and allows you to fire. Because of this requirement to lock in there is some skill to the gameplay as faster tanks can dodge damage with rapid and random movements.

If your a fan of simple fast paced action with just the right amount of strategy you’ll find Battline: Steel Warfare very entertaining as you mow down enemy tanks, capture key points and push your battle line.


  • Action, strategy and MOBA style influence.
  • Command a variety of tanks into battle.
  • Use skills and items to defeat your opponents.
  • Push the battle line forward for victory.
  • Control your tank easily with WASD and mouse controls.

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Battleline: Steel Warfare, 7.4 out of 10 based on 14 ratings
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