Metacritic: 81/100
Release: Jul 2011
Reviewed on: iOS

Bean’s Quest

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Good: Soundtrack and level design – Simplified platform gameplay
Bad: Not as exciting on non mobile
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Bean’s Quest combines retro platform titles with superb level design to create a fun and crazy experience for mobile. Eventually also brought across to Windows, Linux and Mac this game shines on its mobile birth place.


Relying on 16-bit graphics of the era past Bean’s Quest takes you on a jumping journey through 5 different worlds. Doing away with the jump button all together players are constantly jumping and given control only over the left and right movements. This makes for something different in the gameplay department and is perfectly suited to mobile with less controls to manage on the traditionally small screens.

This jumping mechanic will no doubt cause some irritation at first but once you adapt you’ll discover some of the secrets to controlling your little jumping bean. Other game mechanics are equally reminiscent of Mario style platform games with squishing enemies, collecting diamonds, the often hidden axolotis and stat tracking (number of jumps and diamonds collected) which encourages you to replay levels.


This ties into the level challenges which have you aim for a certain number of jumps that will have you heavily analysing levels. With over 50 such levels and over 150 challenges the price to value ratio isn’t too bad in Bean’s Quest.

While the game doesn’t feel as impressive on your computer Bean’s Quest is undeniably a hit mobile title. If you’re a completionist seeking a platform mobile game you’ll find it particularly entertaining.


  • Jump your way through 5 worlds and 50 levels.
  • Simplified controls ideal for mobile gameplay.
  • Try and complete each level with minimal jumps.
  • Great soundtrack to keep you bopping.
  • Originally created for iOS and Android.

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Bean's Quest, 8.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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