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Release: Dec 2012

Big Story Little Heroes

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Good: Skill system depth – Fun and social – Free and browser based
Bad: Small player base – Some lag issues
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Want a light, casual and extremely fun MOBA experience for your browser? Big Story Little Heroes may just be your answer, a free to play MOBA style game played through Facebook.


As a Facebook game you can expect plenty of social based features that easily let you team up with your Facebook friends. At the start of the game you’ll have the option to customise your own avatar within the game world from a number of simple options and be taken through a simple tutorial that introduces the game mechanics.

The game mixes up the standard MOBA formula slightly by turning the game into a capture the flag style game where players must capture a statue from the enemy base and bring it back to their own. Other MOBA elements such as towers and minions are still involved though.

In terms of characters you’ll have five very basic options that have a huge amount of strategic depth because of the skill system in Big Story Little Heroes. Characters include the mage, warrior, priest, engineer and archer. Once players win enough games with these base characters more advanced versions of each class will unlock.

Once you’ve selected your own preferred class you’ll then have to select the three skills that you want to take into that particular battle. You’ll start with three skills for each class with further skills being purchased with the in game currency that you earn for every game match. This is where most of the customisation and depth comes from as you can never be sure what your opponent is packing.


During each match you’ll get to pick which skills you level up and also get to place points into health, defence, attack and speed stats. This gives you more freedom to adjust your strategy on the fly given the game situation. An item system also appears outside the game which provide passive orientated bonuses similar to the rune system of League of Legends.

On the surface you’ll think that the game overly simplifies the genre but in fact it does the opposite with lots of depth which it packages into a Facebook game.


  • A free to play Facebook game with MOBA features.
  • Simple on the surface but plenty of hidden depth.
  • Compete on the rankings against other players.
  • Customise your item loadout to give you passive benefits.
  • Mix and match your skills and stats on an individual game basis.

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Big Story Little Heroes, 8.0 out of 10 based on 26 ratings
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