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Release: Jul 2014
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Bio Inc.

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Taking the mobile strategy genre down to the human body level is Bio Inc. a unique title that is all about designing the perfect disease to destroy one element of the body at a time. Despite this quite morbid synopsis the strategy is there and combines with a well-designed UI to make for a challenging unique experience.


As you would expect to see in a mobile title everything is guided by the tap of a finger as you browse through game menus, collect bio points and monitor the vital signs of your infected host. By collecting said bio points as they appear throughout the body you’ll use them to create some more significant damage in the disease trees where you can buy some recognisable conditions to bring their health down faster. Players are also given limited control over the outside world with purchases such as nurse strikes, bad doctors or the ability to let your subject take up smoking.

Ultimately your objective is to taken down the circulatory, respiratory, nervous, muscular, renal, skeletal and digestive system before the patient can fully recover. With several increasingly difficult stages you’ll have to refine a deadly strategy as you progress from the already sick to the super healthy, making your job much harder.


Stages end when you successfully take the patients functions down to zero, although it’s a strange victory. The game is made even more peculiar with the ability to name each of your patients and for your own sanity you are probably better off coming up with something that doesn’t even resemble a name.

For a complex strategy game that is unlike anything you have encountered before Bio Inc. definitely delivers that experience. Its design makes it great to play on the go as well if you can get past the awkwardness of killing a patient in public.


  • Bring down a human from the inside.
  • Battle against doctors and the health system.
  • Multiple stages and difficulty levels to master.
  • Use familiar and unfamiliar diseases to help turn the tide.
  • Tap your way to victory on iOS and Android.

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Bio Inc., 6.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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