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Release: March 2012
Reviewed on: Xbox 360

Bit Digger

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Bit Digger offers a simple building game for your Xbox 360. The game will set you back only $1 and focuses on allowing your creativity to design the game world around you and then sharing your creations with friends.


The game was developed by Scrabosoft and has thousands of downloads on the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace with a good star rating to back it up. Just like most of the Indie games on the Xbox a demo is included, the file size is also extremely small so works great if you are short on your Xbox hard drive space.

Unlike other games Bit Digger uses an isometric view that lets you control your game avatar (known as Dougal McTaggart) around the blocky game world. The game won’t blow you away with features but for the price you’ll get a good amount of enjoyment. The world isn’t endless but there is more than enough space to build creations.

The game is entirely a sandbox adventure allowing you to explore the game world as you please and build whatever structure you want from the available blocks. Once you’ve finished building you can take photos of your structures and share them with others to show off your creative talent.


In total Bit Digger offers over 50 block types to use in your world from the standard lava, ladders, grass, water, wood, bricks and various other blocks from a wide range of colours. Beyond these standard building blocks you will also be able to access some more unique blocks such as sheep and TNT. You can even combine these two together to create exploding sheep, what could more fun than blowing up your creations with sheep?

If you want a simple building game that you can play from time to time or want something that a younger gamer can easily learn you will find that Bit Digger has you covered.


  • Available for only $1.
  • Large number of block types, including explosive sheep.
  • Trial available and a small file size.
  • Isometric game view.
  • Allows you to share your creations easily.

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Bit Digger, 7.2 out of 10 based on 26 ratings
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