Metacritic: 22/110
Release: Feb 2014
Reviewed on: PC


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Good: Atmosphere – Captures the old school horror game experience
Bad: Poor controls – Bad zombie AI can often break the atmosphere – Story lacks development
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Blacksoul aims to revive the older style horror adventure games with a third person experience set in 1970 England. The dark atmosphere of the game combines with puzzles and a lengthy story to span into double digit gameplay hours.


Blacksoul focuses on the story of Sean and their sister Ava as they enter the quarantined area to uncover the truth behind the strange psychotic killings and an unknown infection. While the core story elements aren’t anything new in a survival horror game Blacksoul does a decent job of supporting the average story with a strong atmosphere.

The atmosphere is developed through a good mixture of dark and gritty graphics mixed with an eerie game soundtrack that feels perfectly at home.

In an effort to pay homage to the early Silent Hill game Blacksoul uses a dynamic camera system older gamers will remember painfully. It was never the greatest system when it was optimised and Blacksoul’s is far from optimal which can create lots of frustration until you master the rules that the game seems to operate under, if you last that long.


If you do manage to grasp the controls you’ll find gameplay to be mostly exploration focused with a fair few puzzles thrown in. Players will also encounter zombie like enemies who are slow and sluggish but can do some damage if they get up close to the player. While they generally fit well into the general aesthetic of the game some strange AI movements will have them moonwalking towards you and ruining the one good part about the Blacksoul experience.

While fans of the old school horror games will feel at home (and completely enjoy the experience) most gamers will want to avoid the experience entirely. The good atmosphere, music and puzzles simply aren’t enough to overcome the weak controls, dismal combat and just general unpolished feel.


  • Based on the old school horror games.
  • Dark and gritty atmosphere.
  • Eerie music adds to the experience.
  • Fight off zombies with guns and melee weapons.
  • Large variety of puzzles.

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Blacksoul, 5.2 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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