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Release: Oct 2015
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Blast Breaker

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Bad: Only 3 classes available – Limited gameplay variety
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With stunning graphics Blast Breaker aims to take the side scrolling genre by storm. If you love the simple nature of side scrolling MMOs but want something more up to date with impressive visuals Blast Breaker may be the MMO you’ve waited for.


Set in a universe far away on the planet Xylon players join in the hunt for the Blasters, a power that devours all life causing it to wither. As part of the Khalans race you are responsible for unleashing this great power and have vowed to do anything to stop the process repeating itself on a new planet.

Your choice of class for this adventure can be one of three characters that have their own backgrounds, design and skills. On the one hand players can choose to control Stella, a young princess who has a strong hatred for the blasters after they ruined her crowing day. Wielding powerful magic she prefers to destroy the blasters from a distance.

Alternatively Elona a small Elven orphan can also be used for those that prefer to attack from a far, relying on her steady bow arm instead of magic she is also capable of dispatching blasters. Your final choice in Blast Breaker is Alan, a young swordsman who was displaced after the blasters wiped out his entire village and travels around seeking vengeance.


Utilising these characters different skills is one of the best features of the game with an unlimited levelling of skills. However, players are limited to only 6 active and 6 passive skills at any time which requires careful selection of your favourites for optimal damage.

Gameplay in Blast Breaker is focused around objectives that guides player progress, players can choose to follow along with the storyline at their own pace or alternatively enter into instanced areas of varying missions. These missions include open world areas with unlimited re-spawning of enemies but also more objective focused instances.


  • A graphically superior 2D side scrolling adventure.
  • Choose from 3 classes that fill typical archetypes.
  • Fight against the blasters that are intent on destroying all life.
  • Quest and instanced driven gameplay.
  • Use up to 6 active skills and 6 passives at any time.

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Blast Breaker, 7.6 out of 10 based on 14 ratings
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  1. derp
    June 14, 2016

    This game is playable, but the skills and items are broken.



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