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Release: Aug 2013
Reviewed on: iOS


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Good: Suitable for all ages – Creative and challenge mode options – Share creations with others
Bad: The way blocks are limited
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Everybody loves to build things from blocks and Blocksworld from Linden Labs aims to capture this love and put it into your hand (iPad). This appeal of the game isn’t limited to young children either with enough depth to keep teenagers and even adults entertained.


Blocksworld is best described as a virtual toybox and in traditional sandbox fashion gives you the tools that will unleash your creativity. Ultimately what you do with the available tools is up to you as you create all sorts of fun devices.

In a game so centred on building you’ll be glad to know that Blocksworld uses a very simple building mechanic that is both easy to learn and very flexible. It works by combining blocks of various sizes, shapes and colours together with further options to extend the size of blocks.

Further block customisation is available by programming basic functions that let you create cars, jets, robots and plenty of other creations if you put your mind to it. This building interface has lots of elements to it but because it’s easy to learn you won’t feel overwhelmed after your first few creations.

Outside of the main creation game mode Blocksworld also features a number of puzzles that are a great way to learn more about the mechanics of the platform. You’ll also receive some nice rewards if you are able to complete the challenges and are great for the less creative players who prefer a game with some guidance or structure.


The final piece of the Blocksworld puzzle that will keep you coming back for more is the sharing side of the game. This allows you to browse through other player creations and even play them. If you find something you like you can give them a like to show your support. Of course this works the other way as well so fans of showing off their creative talents will love seeing the likes and views for their creations climb the ranks.

Blocksworld is a building game for all ages and is the perfect addition to your iPad app collection.


  • Build things with blocks.
  • The best building game for your iPad.
  • A virtual toybox with plenty of different tools available.
  • Easily share your creations or view creations from others.
  • Free to play!

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Blocksworld, 8.1 out of 10 based on 43 ratings
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  1. kayla
    February 8, 2014

    I really want blocksworld


  2. Patrick
    May 30, 2016

    I have Blocksworld But It Really So Hard In Building If You A Good Builder It Will Be Easy To You.


  3. Anonymous
    January 18, 2018

    I have Blocksworld its so cool everyone should download it!👍🏼



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