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Brawl of Ages

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Inspired by the Clash Royale formula but opting to bring it to Windows, Mac and Linux is Brawl of Ages a game that blends the lines between collecting cards and tower based arena battles with a free price tag.


You’ll experience 1v1 battles in Brawl of Ages which are facilitated through the matchmaking system and backed up by the usual ladder rankings you see in competitive games to give you that push you need to continue to develop your strategy. For players that would rather fight with a friend a 2v2 mode is planned for release which will require more team communication.

This strategy will have to take into consideration the general theme of Brawl of Ages which is to be proactive rather than on the defensive, which is achieved with the likes of towers that have limited ammunition pools to stop turtle decks.

Another central mechanic is cycling through ones deck of 10 cards (4 usable at any one time) which prevents players from having too much of a one dimensional strategy or leaving a player without a good counter due to limited deck sizes.


Lastly Brawl of Ages does its best to avoid pay to win mechanics opting to monetise its gaming audience through the likes of card skins rather than things that provide a direct benefit. Said cards each fill a different role in your overall strategy with the likes of tanks, area of effect damage dealers, spells and even structures. Each card has their own mana cost which slowly regenerates over time with a Mana Mania phase where regeneration is rapidly increased as the match timer counts down.

Bringing a proven formula off its mobile origins is likely to attract a large audience and for fans of Clash Royale wanting something to play Brawl of Ages is shaping up to be something great.


  • Clash Royale like experience on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Develop your deck of 10 cards from a large list.
  • Summon characters, use spells or structures to create a strategy.
  • 1v1 (2v2 upcoming) with ranked games available.
  • Customise your deck with card skins.

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Brawl of Ages, 9.3 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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