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Release: Nov 2015
Reviewed on: iOS

Bubble Genius

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Good: Varied levels – Collect items for power ups – Bubbles rotate in most levels
Bad: Later levels aren't possible to get 3 stars without boosts
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For fast bubble shooter titles Bubble Genius is one of the best, with the usual array of match 3 coloured bubbles to be cleared across 500 odd levels the amount of content in Bubble Genius is some of the highest in the mobile bubble popping genre.


Your first few levels of Bubble Genius will have you freeing cute little fur ball like characters known as Furbbles who have become trapped within the coloured bubbles within the level. In order to do so you’ll use fairly typical bubble shooter mechanics, requiring you to fire bubbles of the same colour, forming matches of 3 or more.

Additionally players can swap the active bubble between the next in the queue, bounce their bubbles off the wall, hold down their finger to activate aim assistance and use a booster that charges with streaks to explode bubbles within a small area. If you’ve ever touched a bubble matching shooter before you’ll recognise all of these instantly and quickly be a master of the core Bubble Genius experience.

What makes Bubble Genius addicting and worth playing through though is the great colour scheme that the game has to offer along with the varied modes and unique game levels.


In addition to freeing the cute Furbbles you’ll have to hit targets with bubbles, capture Grubbles by clearing all bubbles and much more. While these are usually simple tasks in other games Bubble Genius often employs a floating level design which sees each bubble fired rotate the collection of bubbles on your screen, rather than the static bubbles of similar games. This requires a touch of extra strategy as you consider how each move will rotate the mass of bubbles, perhaps opening up access to a new stack of coloured bubbles that you need to clear.

In addition Bubble Genius supports fast firing of bubbles so levels are by no means ever slow, boss battles and random items found throughout the levels that can be used to create boosters to help you clear difficult levels.


  • Impressive bubble matching gameplay.
  • Find items in levels to create boosters and power ups.
  • Conquer all sorts of levels, including boss fights.
  • Use your streaks to clear the board quickly.
  • Play for free through 100s of levels on iOS and Android.

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Bubble Genius, 7.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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