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Release: Oct 2014
Reviewed on: Android

Bubble Worlds

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Good: Ramps up difficulty quickly – Lack of in app purchases
Bad: Not suited to beginners – Some intrusive ads
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Bubble Worlds takes you across 7 locations and 210 levels as you quest to get 3 stars on every single level. While not as flashy as other releases on the market Bubble Worlds offers up a healthy variety of levels and does it without the usual in app purchases.


First thing you’ll notice when opening up Bubble Worlds is the simple approach and design aesthetic which leads the game to focusing more on interesting and challenging levels than the flashy graphics and excessive in app purchases of other big company bubble matching games.

Starting with the historical sites and offering up other themed levels such as swamp, forest, floating island, snow mountain, beach and seabed your objective in Bubble Worlds is simple, conquer all 210 levels while attempting to score a perfect 3 stars on them all. This is by no means an easy task though as 3 stars are rarely handed out for anything less than perfect.


Some assistance is provided by power ups referred to as “props” which can be activated before a level begins for a set amount of coins that are earned for each level completion. Props include extra gold coins (generally worth activating), improved aiming, fireballs to remove all bubbles in your path, powerful coloured bubbles to pop anything and extra bubbles to complete the level.

These props become vital early on as Bubble Worlds wastes very little time moving into difficult level designs with various obstacles from stones, leaves, lighting, glassy bubbles and even poison to contend with. Thus, Bubble Worlds is ideal for the intermediate to advance player that isn’t looking for a simple bubble game that lines up perfect matches for the first 50 or so levels without any real challenge to the player.


  • Simple design with lack of in app purchases.
  • 210 levels across 7 themes.
  • Multiple obstacles to counter and conquer.
  • Earn coins for each level to spend on boosts.
  • Exclusive to Android.

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Bubble Worlds, 8.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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  1. jim
    August 21, 2017

    Mitsubishi ad pops up and covers bottom half of screen during game. Not so fun!



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