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Release: Aug 2016
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Cafeland – World Kitchen

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Good: Large range of items to cook – Customise your cafe heavily
Bad: Slow coin earning makes expansion a waiting game
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Run your own small cafe and expand it to serve hundreds of customers with a wide range of delicious meals on your iOS and Android devices. With the goal of creating and running the best 5 star cafe in town there is plenty to do in this cafe management title.


Players start out Cafeland – World Kitchen with some basic business space with just enough room for a single table, a few basic stoves and a cashier. Similarly your available dishes are limited with basic sandwiches and pancakes to serve your customers as they walk through.

Starting with these basics ingredients and by following the quests given out to players you’ll quickly start expanding with new recipes and floor space that lets you add more tables and chairs for your patrons alongside extras like a vending machine or entertainment to get a few extra gold coins from each entrant into your store.

Coins can also be earned for each product sale, cleaning the floors, completing tasks, obtaining customer feedback from the speech bubbles above their head. Just like in real business the reinvestment of profits will yield the maximum reward as you buy extra stoves and display cases to increase your capacity and visually change your cafe.


Other enjoyable mechanics that Cafeland – World Kitchen hides beneath the surface is benefits for mastering a recipe (cooking it a certain number of times), sauces made from random item drops that boost your product and visiting other player cafes for special presents.

With the regular quests to keep you focused and the potential for some highly customised cafes you’ll have plenty of drive to collect the tips from the tables and keep cooking on the stove.


  • A cooking game for iOS and Android.
  • Upgrade your cafe to create unique designs and attract celebs.
  • Make sauces from random item drops for extra boosts.
  • Visit friends for extra gold and presents.
  • Cook a large selection of meals and serve them up to hungry customers.

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Cafeland - World Kitchen, 7.8 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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