Metacritic: 82/100
Release: Sep 2015
Reviewed on: iOS

Call of Champions

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Good: Innovative gameplay – Simple touch controls – Game replays
Bad: Significant amount of time to unlock ranked matches
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Call of Champions offers a pool of 20+ heroes for players to use in this mobile multiplayer battle arena (MOBA) title. Opting for 5 minute matches maximum and a unique orb pushing mechanic the game can be picked up quickly and is perfect for short bursts.


The first thing you’ll note after following through with the great tutorial is that Call of Champions is a very different MOBA. While you’ll still have two teams and two bases this is where the similarities quickly end with the game centred around pushing the Orb of Death from one side of the map to the other.

This orb will move automatically across a pre-determined path when your or your allies are near and also has the ability to weaken towers and open up the base for the final push. Games end when an enemy base is destroyed or at the 5 minute mark with the victor being the team with more tower kills or champion kills.

The second unique element of Call of Champions is the control setup which relies on finger taps on the screen for movement and skills rather the usual joystick control that is usually seen on the mobile platform. This makes Call of Champions particularly more attractive on the smaller mobile devices where space is at a premium.


Outside of the actual gameplay itself players can unlock heroes with in game gold earned for matches and then level them up with use. Each level grants players access to a small passive boost for that particular hero to appeal more to your particular playstyle. Your first champion Avalanche for example can opt for either 5% movement speed or 5% critical chance at level 2 (respec is available).

Call of Champions has without a doubt taken the MOBA formula and completely changed the way it works. Not only is the change innovative it also is fun and perfectly suited for mobile.


  • Push the Orb of Death into your enemies base.
  • Control one of 20+ unique heroes.
  • Gain hero levels to unlock passive benefits.
  • Simple touch controls.
  • Watch replays of other game matches.

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Call of Champions, 8.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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