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Release: Nov 2014
Reviewed on: iOS

Call of Duty: Heroes

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Entering the mobile strategy market with Call of Duty: Heroes, Activision offers a visually impressive title with a few design decisions that make the mechanics more than just your typical CoC clone.


Call of Duty: Heroes has all the core features of the popular freemium base building genre with timers sitting in wait behind every action combining with the typical dual currency system and host of different buildings to upgrade which pairs with troops of units with their own strengths and weaknesses when called to fight for you. All of these basics are delivered to an extremely high quality with fundamentals of the game as solid as one would expect for a game that is going to use the Call of Duty name.

Fundamentals aside however is where the real enjoyment from Call of Duty: Heroes resides with a whole host of heroes from the Call of Duty franchise forming the basis of this appeal. Be it calling in Soap and Price onto the battlefield for you or other popular characters of the franchise (Ghost, Yuri, Mike Harper and Nikolai to name a few).

Controlling these Call of Duty powerhouse heroes is directly in the players hands when it comes to the attacking portion of the game while your other units will fall to AI control. To support these more basic units heroes also include skills that can quickly demolish an enemy base, many of these fit into the Call of Duty franchise perfectly and pack a decisive punch, such as the Chopper Gunner that has you gunning down foes from a distance.


The pacing of unlocks of the aforementioned heroes and skills also feels relatively nice thanks to the reasonable amount of free stuff you can obtain just for being involved in the game on a regular basis.

If you’re yet to jump into the mobile base building genre as you wanted a more series and high quality experience Call of Duty: Heroes may just fill the void you’ve been waiting for, particularly if you’ve had experience with the Call of Duty franchise before and will appreciate being able to recruit from the game’s star characters.


  • Call of Duty themed mobile base builder.
  • Recruit your favourite heroes from the franchise.
  • High quality graphics and flashy skills reminiscent of the franchise.
  • Build your base, recruit troops and dominate other players.
  • Free to play across iOS and Android.

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Call of Duty: Heroes, 7.5 out of 10 based on 11 ratings
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