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Good: Tries something new – Large number of levels
Bad: Some performance issues – Lacks that explosion of points and colour
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Cascade is all about spinning and matching colours. With its basis as a match puzzle game but changing around some of the core mechanics, Cascade is a refreshing mobile title that will see you through over 400 levels.


Starting in the Cascade Hills players are introduced the core features of Cascade. While you’ll see a familiar game board as you load up the first level the requirements for matches and how you go about performing them is completely different to what you have seen before.

At the start of each level players will perform a spin to fill up the bottom separated row of gems. This row is not directly part of the game board but instead acts as place-able gems that you can place in their corresponding columns. By doing so players can make matches of gems (minimum of 3) although these can be touching in any direction, not limiting players to the standard straight lines.

Additional mechanics includes the likes of burst gems, wilds, hammers, shifters and more game boosts to help you clear through the available game levels. In standard fashion levels award you a score for completion for comparison against friends and award you the in game currency of gold based on your star rating for said level.


This formula changes little throughout the 400 odd levels but they do become increasingly difficult as the shape of the game board changes. Unlike other match three games where luck plays more of a role Cascade has a nice touch of strategy to it as you an see all your available gems in the current spin and assess the game board accordingly.

Ultimately Cascade is a fun little experiment to keep you occupied in your down time and has a little flair compared to similar titles. Some performance issues and lack of colourful explosions though make it an average experience.


  • Combined the match three genre with slots.
  • Experience over 400 levels.
  • Use all sorts of power ups to maximum your high scores.
  • Compete against friends through the social elements.
  • Play on iOS or Android.

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Cascade, 8.3 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
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