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Reviewed on: Xbox 360


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Good: Block variety – Price – Multiplayer options and size
Bad: Creative mode only – Just like every other game
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CastleMiner is one of the most successful games on the Xbox Live Indie Games platform. The game follows a sandbox style of gameplay and uses blocks in a similar manner to other games in the genre.


The game grew in popularity rapidly after its 2011 release eventually leading to a sequel called CastleMiner Z. CastleMiner is available for only $1 and also has a trial available.

Starting your CastleMiner game you are presented with a number of options which includes the ability to select your own world type (coastal, desert, arctic and more). After you’ve created your game world you can start exploring your randomly created game world and dig through the labyrinth of caves underneath the surface.

CastleMiner gives you hundreds of block types to use and also includes teleportation abilities to make moving around the game world easily, be it to your spawn point or to another player. The game is entirely focused on building elements and doesn’t feature any survival aspects (but the sequel CastleMiner Z does). The game does allow you to easily connect with your friends though and either build together or show off your creations.


CastleMiner doesn’t break away from other block building games (not that it tries) but that doesn’t mean you should be passing on it entirely. Fans of the creative building modes will appreciate what the game has to offer in terms of block numbers and multiplayer functionality and is one of the better options available on the Xbox (with a price tag to match).

Just like similar games you’ll have the best experience if you play with friends so try and convince some of your friends to purchase the game. If you can’t convince them (or are short on friends) then there are plenty of public game servers available although your experience will vary especially with the increasing popularity of griefing.


  • Creative focused block building games.
  • Large number of available blocks to use.
  • Small price with content only limited by your imagination and the randomly generated worlds.
  • One of the most popular indie games on the Xbox 360.
  • Plenty of multiplayer features included to make gaming with others easy.

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CastleMiner, 8.2 out of 10 based on 50 ratings
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