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Cat Safari

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Cat Safari is a unique mobile title that combines the incremental genre with cat breeding. While simple the addicting and progression based nature of the game ensures you’ll enjoy discovering each new breed and satisfying your customers needs.


Gameplay in Cat Safari sees kitten crates dropping from the sky every 10 seconds. With a single tap you’ll unlock the kitten within who will then start roaming your pen.

This is where breeding comes into the equation with the ability to drag two cats of the same type on top of each other and create a new species of cat. This process can be repeated again and again with each pairing creating a more valuable cat.

This value comes in two different forms with higher evolution cats passively generating gold in greater quantities which can be spent on various upgrades. The second form of value comes from the sale value of each cat when sold to customers that pass by your cat pen which provides you with cash for the most important upgrade of all, the rate at which crates drop from the sky.


Other upgrades available include coin boosts when you perform a transfusion, automatic breeding, extra magic stars (which will randomly evolve one cat), increase the level of cats that come out of your crate and expand the room of your pens allowing for more cats.

If you’re into the incremental and idle genre but want a touch of cat you’ll be entertained by Cat Safari which is very reminiscent of other popular evolution games such as Platypus and Cow Evolution.


  • A cat based breeding game for your mobile.
  • Pair cats and let them fuse into new cat evolutions.
  • Earn money by selling your cats to happy customers.
  • Generate passive gold from cats to buy important upgrades.
  • For iOS and Android devices.

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Cat Safari, 8.4 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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