Metacritic: 80/100
Release: Mar 2016
Reviewed on: PC

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends

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Good: Unique mechanics – Multiple game modes
Bad: Still plenty of grinding for the top cards – Little slow on pace
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Chronicle: RuneScape Legends brings a unique spin on the collectable card genre. With a title that has you carefully building the adventure for your hero in order to set them up for the final battle against your opponent. Coming from Jagex, the team that brought you the exceedingly popular RuneScape MMO you know that you’re in good hands.


Your game board for this card game is a magical book. With your opponent sitting across from you players will choose cards from their deck in order to maximise your resources such as armour, damage, gold and health for the final confrontation with your foe.

This takes place over 5 different chapters where players will use up to 4 cards from their hand in each. Played cards will primary have an impact on your hero by either providing a new powerful temporary weapon, boosting base attack, recovering health or providing gold. Some cards will allow you to interact with your opponent’s hero but these are few and far between.

The first step in your adventure has players choosing from a number of legends from the RuneScape universe. This includes the likes of Ariane the magic user, Raptor the mysterious warrior and the thief Ozan. This choice has an impact on the cards you can place in your deck with a number of cards unique to each legend in addition to a healthy amount of neutral cards that are available to everyone.

Cards are unlocked in a usual freemium manner with rewards for levels, spending game currency on booster packs or making the investment into premium currency. Said unlocking occurs at a reasonable pace so that you can get have a usable deck up rather quickly and enjoy the multiple game types on offer.


While past deck building experience will serve you well in Chronicle: RuneScape Legends there is a great fresh challenge on offer here as you build a deck between 30 and 35 cards. Split between creature and support cards it’s all about finding the balance to give your hero a steady path from weak to powerful.

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is exciting to play, primarily due to it’s unique gameplay approach, the RuneScape settings are also a nice touch although appeal for this element is limited to die hard followers. Fan or not, you’ll be hooked.


  • A RuneScape themed trading card game.
  • Unique take on the genre where you create the story for your character.
  • Choose from several legends with their own card focus.
  • Several game modes to explore as you battle alone or against others.
  • Play for free.

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Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, 8.2 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
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