Metacritic: 90/100
Release: Sep 2010
Reviewed on: PC

Civilization V

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Good: Great for single and multiplayer fans – Civilization variety – AI
Bad: Lots of elements can be overwhelming
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The Civilization series has always been at the pinnacle of the 4X game genre and Civilization V is no exception to this rule expanding on the solid foundations set in previous games in the franchise.


In the game players will have to take their own civilization from the prehistoric age and into the future on randomly generated maps. With many win conditions there is support for all playstyles in Civilization from the technology heavy to the military and economic you’ll be able to approach each game according to your preferred strategy.

Gameplay is entirely turn based in Civilization with players acting as the head of their civilization. Each turn you’ll be required to make careful decisions about your cities, military movements, technology, economics, diplomacy and even the culture of your civilization.

While multiplayer is where much of the longevity comes from in Civilization players that prefer to play alone won’t be left out in the cold either with a robust multi-level AI system that ensures you’ll have a real challenge on your hands. Not only will you find the AI challenging though you’ll also find its range of tactics quite varied. When you combine this impressively varied AI with the 18 base civilizations in the core game the combinations that you’ll have to face and counter are nearly endless.


For players looking for strategic depth that is unmatched in a turn based environment Civilization V promises to engulf you for hundreds and hundreds of hours as you try difference strategies to grow from a small settlement into a world powerhouse.

Be it your first time in a Civilization game or your fifth you’ll be impressed with the game before your eyes, it’s a level of depth that only keeps getting deeper the longer you play.


  • A great addition to the Civilization series.
  • A level of depth to keep you interested for hundreds of hours.
  • Impressive AI system lets solo players get a great challenge.
  • Turn based gameplay leaves plenty of room for strategy to develop.
  • On Windows and Mac.

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Civilization V, 7.8 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
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