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Club Penguin

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Note: This game has been shut down and is no longer available.

Club Penguin is definitely one of the most popular social MMO games for children and teenagers (ages 4-16). The game started back in 2005 and was created by New Horizon Interactive although the game is published, managed and promoted by Disney these days.


The game’s success in an online environment has led to many spin-off games being developed along with large numbers of merchandise including toys and books.

In Club penguin players create their own virtual Penguin avatar and explore the north pole like game world meeting other players, participating in events or playing various mini games. Players can open their Club Penguin account for free but a membership is required to access a number of premium features although this is definitely not required to enjoy the experience that Club Penguin offers.

The Club Penguin universe is split up into several rooms that each have their own unique and distinct vibe. Some of the most popular areas include the Beach, Arcade, Dance Club, Ice Rink, Iceberg, Pet Shop and the Plaza.

When you aren’t exploring the world of Club Penguin you can return to your own igloo home and relax. This home can be freely customised and you can even invite others to party in your igloo. Club Penguin also hosts parties on a regular basis for special holidays and events including Halloween, Christmas and many others.


As you take part in the Club Penguin universe you’ll earn virtual coins to spend on items to decorate your penguin avatar and make it unique. Customisable options include costumes, wigs, shirts and plenty of other accessories. Players in Club Penguin can also adopt their own virtual pets known as Puffles which come in a variety of colours which also affects their personality.

Club Penguin’s success in the children MMO genre is no accident. Everything about the game is well done and there are constant events and updates that add even more content to an already great game.


  • Huge virtual world filled with penguins.
  • Massive community.
  • Customise your Penguin and your igloo home.
  • Adopt a Puffle and care for it.
  • Large collection of mini games to help pass the time.

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Club Penguin, 7.9 out of 10 based on 88 ratings
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  1. Kayla
    May 6, 2015

    I love the idea of club penguin, but you can’t buy ANYTHING if you are not a member! there are like 4 things to buy, and my parents don’t want to waste their money on this website….. but I would play it if I was a member.


  2. Bridget
    July 6, 2015

    I do love MMO games, but Club Penguin isn’t worth it. You can’t buy anything without a membership, so once you’ve gotten the six things available to non-members, you’re pretty much done. Besides, I’ve heard from a former Club Penguin fan that they start to delete your old items, even those you wear all the time. So, when the party comes along, you just have to keep buying and buying and buying your things just to keep them. The parties they have lack adventure, and can get super boring super fast. If you want to have fun and buy cool things without a membership, try Animal Jam.


  3. Neda
    June 12, 2016

    I don’ t really like club penguin beacuse its not fun, like Animal Jam. Animal Jam is best online game ever! And Animal Jam is ao educative.


  4. Annonymous
    June 20, 2016

    Most people that give bad reviews don’t prefer Club Penguin because “you can’t buy or do anything as a non-member”, I don’t exactly find this true since I’m actually a non-member and have over 80 items at least. And no, I haven’t been playing very long, about two months actually. I think people just don’t find the non-member items very preferable over the detailed and stereotypical items like the preppy hair choices and such. Many players also don’t look farther than the catalogs for items, there are hidden items everywhere as well as codes online for cool things.
    That being said Club Penguin is a kid friendly game with a fair amount of parental control and user freedom, unlike most online games targeted toward kids. I personally like dressing my penguin in a costume (police man, ghost, cave man, etc.) and playing around with other penguins also dressing up. Of course many people don’t like being goofy online and want to be “cool”, I completely understand that, membership is the way to go if you’re like that, but if you just want pure, clean, silly fun then you could play normally no problem. It’s just a fun way to waste time online when you’re bored, it’s like any other game, except you’re a penguin.



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