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Allowing you to fight against others in turn based monster battles across platforms and potentially win real money (pro version only) while doing so is ComPet. From the creators of Entropia Universe which follows a similar real money game element its a formula that the developer is familiar with growing a community around.


With the real money side limited to the pro version (not available directly through Steam or the Google Play Store) players can still enjoy the core gameplay components without the real money game aspects.

Game framework aside ComPets revolves around players collecting, training and customising their own pets while also managing their own base to produce powerful creatures. Aiming for a balanced approach that leaves room for strategic decisions in both how you equip your creature and which skills you select to use in battle is also a fundamental design philosophy of ComPet.

For the most part this is achieved quite well with one player able to take the same creature and use them in a completely different way due to trinkets equipped, how stat points from level ups have been distributed and the skills used in the battle itself. Stats include health which impacts the raw damage a pet can take, mojo which gives debuff resistance and mana regeneration, ferocity which gives you a higher chance to attack first and endurance which increases the number of rounds you can fight before being fatigued and blocks critical damage.


Skills themselves offer the most interesting depth with around 40 skills that each offer 5 ranks of research for you to funnel your currency into. While this skills include a healthy amount of direct damage abilities players will also find buffs, debuffs, healing and unique skills that are based off a game state and can allow you to design a creature around a certain strategy.

Apart from fighting with your creatures against others in the arena players can also spend their time upgrading their home base buildings which allow you to generate more gold, house more creatures, store more maximum gold, train creatures, upgrade trinkets and embark on quests.


  • Manage your own base and train powerful creatures.
  • Embark on PvE quests or fight in the arena.
  • Play for real money in the Pro game version.
  • Research new skills and upgrade trinkets for maximum effect.
  • Cross play across Windows and Android.

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