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Release: Jan 2004
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Conquer Online

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Good: Available classes – Rebirth system – PvP opportunities – Amount of content and community support
Bad: Limited PvE challenge – Outdated – Expensive cash shop items
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Explore a world based on ancient China in Conquer Online a free to play MMO featuring a 2.5D design and oriental setting. Embark on quests, create a powerful hero, participate in the community, face PvP battles and much more.


Conquer Online has been online for over a decade with the title of one of the oldest MMORPGs around. This title while quite prestigious comes with a number of pros and cons that will either make it the ideal next MMO adventure for you or one best avoided for more modern alternatives.

Selling points of Conquer Online include the large world, range of game mechanics and extremely close nit community. However, on the other hand players will have to get past the very dated graphics and a style that feels out of place and almost clunky compared to newer MMO releases (as one would expect).

Gameplay depth starts from your very first decision in Conquer Online with players having to select from one of the eight available classes to being their adventure. You’ve got decent choice here you’re your usual spellcasters to ranged fighters, durable fighters and everything in between.

Conquer Online features male and female versions of each with some limited room for choice within each character archetype. Despite the mostly linear progressions the class system manages to achieve variety and depth through the unique rebirthing mechanic that lets you start fresh to expand your abilities.

Once you’re in the shoes of your ideal class players will be able to power through the early levels in the blink of an eye without too much resistance from the PvE monsters, most of which can be dispatched with little effort or even a single blow using your characters powerful EXP skill which charges overtime. To make the levelling process even either the game is supported with an auto quest and even bot mechanic (if you can’t beat them, join them).


PvP is the life blood of the game and where much of your focus and time will be spent. The sheer number of PvP options in Conquer Online can be quite overwhelming at first glance but once you give them all a try you’ll likely only have a handful of favourites as they are all quite different and require different setups to be successful. Options include open world PvP, faction wars, tournaments, arenas, class wars and plenty more. Most of these are hosted at regular times to ensure a constant steam of PvP challenge.

For those players that can appreciate an older MMO and crave a PvP centric one Conquer Online is a strong pick. If you don’t fall into either of those categories though you’ll want to find your next MMO adventure elsewhere.


  • A MMO with over a decade of time online.
  • A unique ancient China setting.
  • Take control of 8 different classes and use the rebirth system to combine their abilities.
  • A huge selection of PvP game types for the ultimate challenge.
  • Auto mechanics and easy PvE gameplay let you reach PvP readiness faster.

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Conquer Online, 5.3 out of 10 based on 12 ratings
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