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Release: Apr 2014
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Conquest of Champions

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Good: Mixture of genres – Good unit variety of spells and units
Bad: Still some elements to iron out
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Conquest of Champions mixes together the two classic genres of collectible card games and tactical strategy into one. Build your deck, craft items, level up your cards and more in this competitive turn based adventure.


Following in the footsteps of the hugely popular PoxNora the team is back to deliver an impressive tactical strategy game that captures tabletop warfare and takes it digital. Your goal is simple, take to the battleground with your chosen faction and defeat the enemy hero and their towers while defending your own.

With the option to fight your battles against the extensive PvE campaign or jump into the PvP zone instead and attempt a rise up the leader boards there is gameplay for all varieties of gamers to enjoy.

Conquest of Champions offers players the choice of three different factions (Stonehold, Briarwood and Embercult) that each bring their own style of gameplay to this strategy game. To take the level of strategy a level deeper each faction comes with two heroes that use their factions strengths in different ways.

Conquest of Champions offers hundreds of different cards for players to collect with a minimum of 30 required to enter the field of battle. Cards include simple soldiers, powerful fighters, buffs to your units and devastating spells which you’ll have to carefully use and place across the several battlefields that the game has to offer.


At the end of each fight players will be rewarded with experience, game currency, cards and components which you can use to craft items for use on the battlefield. In addition to earning cards through battles players can craft their unwanted cards into new ones or use them to upgrade their favourites.

While Conquest of Champions still has some way to go it’s well worth getting in at the ground floor now just for the unique game experience that it has to offer.


  • From the brains that brought you PoxNora.
  • A unique mixture of card game and tactical strategy.
  • Over one hundred cards to place in your deck.
  • Multiple factions and heroes with their own play style.
  • Create items and upgrade your cards as you advance.

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Conquest of Champions, 8.2 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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