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Good: Depth – Game mode variety – Clan system – Replay feature
Bad: Community favours certain modes, leaving some abandoned
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CrossFire is a free to play shooter that offers the depth (game modes and gun options) of the popular paid shooters. Launching in Korea in 2007 the game quickly spread to other regions with a number of publishers making it one of the fastest growing free to play shooters.


With a large community behind the game players will have no problem finding matches for their level of skill on their favourite maps regardless of the time of day.

The game follows two teams of mercenary groups as they fight each other endlessly over a variety of maps and game modes. Players can choose to fight for either the Global Risk or Black List in CrossFire, although this choice has little direct impact on gameplay and serves merely as a backdrop to your experience. With more story than most games in the genre it’s a nice touch to the multiplayer environment.

Game modes are what will really attract you into CrossFire with plenty of different options for fans of all sorts. While all your standard modes are there you’ve also got some more unique offerings to keep things interesting over the long haul.

Across these game modes you’ll be able to use all sorts of weapons with assault rifles, sub machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns and machine guns all available. You’ll also have equipment options, side arms, thrown weapons and devastating melee weapons to use against your opponents.


Clans, rankings, ribbons and even replays round out the CrossFire experience and bring plenty of extra depth to the game. With clans it’s easy to develop a close group of gamers to play with regularly and combines with the ranking system for you to chase top rankings as a clan or an individual player. You’ll also have ribbons to earn and levels to advance through so you are always unlocking something new.

In terms of free to play first person shooters CrossFire should be the first game you check out if you are looking to get into the genre.


  • A great free to play FPS.
  • Huge depth with game modes and weapon options.
  • Join a clan or battle solo through the rankings.
  • Level up to unlock new gear and earn ribbons for your efforts.
  • Replay feature lets you record gameplay and make movies easily.

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CrossFire, 8.3 out of 10 based on 24 ratings
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