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Release: Dec 2014
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Crusaders Quest

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Featuring a hero pool of over 200 Crusaders Quest is a premium mobile (iOS/Android) hero collecting title that also blends in some basic matching gameplay.


Throwing you right into the pixelated action players join the side of good in an attempt to save the kingdom from a new dark threat. Playing as the mercenary leader your job is to create a team of powerful heroes to overcome the various campaign levels

These levels will see you team up with Sera, a forest goddess in training to find her master and save her from the corruption by taking the Apostle’s Shard back. As far as mobile RPG titles go its fairly standard but well presented through short dialogue and the cast of characters.

Gameplay is typical of the hero collecting genre with self contained stages to conquer with your selected champions. Belonging to one of six potential classes (warrior, paladin, archer, hunter, wizard and priest) each brings their own unique skill and use to the battlefield.

Said battlefield is a side scrolling experience with your selected heroes walking from left to right automatically and attacking any enemies that stand in their way. Crusaders Quest still gives you good room to influence attacks though with blocks at the bottom of the screen that can activate powerful attacks for a given class. By saving up multiple blocks players can unleash a stronger attack provided the are next to each other which requires some forethought.


Outside of making progress through the campaign players will find the usual mix of dungeons and world bosses which give you plenty of ways to earn experience and in game gold which translates into more powerful heroes.

The charming story and pixelated design of Crusaders Quest combined with solid progression curve makes it a pleasing mobile hero collector.


  • Fight against evil in campaign mode.
  • Level up your heroes and promote them to new forms.
  • Match blocks to launch deadly attacks.
  • Over 200 heroes split across 6 classes
  • Many different game modes to keep things interesting.

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Crusaders Quest, 7.7 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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