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Release: Apr 2013
Reviewed on: PC

Cry of Fear

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Good: Free – Realism – Atmosphere – Co-op gameplay
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Cry of Fear is a free to play game that started out as a mod for Half-Life 1. After great success as a mod the game received a standalone release on the Steam platform in 2013.


The game is a psychological adventure that will take you through a town that has been overrun by all types of horrible and horrific creatures. In Cry of Fear you get the opportunity to play a young man caught up in the middle of this town as he moves around the world and tries to find answers to his new predicament. All in all you can expect your time in Cry of Fear to come in just shy of double digit hours which is fairly impressive for a game that started as a mod.

The focus in Cry of Fear is definitely on creating an immersive experience which is achieved by using a large number of cut scenes to break up the gameplay which almost makes it feel movie-like. You’ll also need a good amount of lateral thinking to overcome some of the puzzles that the game throws at you

Cry of Fear also has plenty of first person shooter inspired gameplay with two dozen weapon options available for use by the player. You’ll have to choose carefully though as you are limited to the number of items in the game. To further add to this inventory realism accessing your inventory does not pause the game.


Considering the game is free to play and a mod you are getting a lot more than what you might expect in Cry of Fear. The few rough edges that it has are more than covered by the solid horror atmosphere it creates.

For those gamers that can’t muster up the courage to tackle the game alone Cry of Fear has support for up to 4 player co-op so now you have no excuses to not play this horror adventure.


  • A free to play game that started as a mod for Half Life.
  • Very atmospheric focused adventure.
  • Two dozen different weapons to defend yourself with.
  • Impressive for a game mod.
  • Support for 4 player co-operative gameplay.

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Cry of Fear, 7.8 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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