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CSI: Hidden Crimes

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Outsmart the suspects in this CSI themed game that blends hidden objects with logical criminal puzzles for your mobile devices.


CSI: Hidden Crimes is all about solving the crime scene by combining the available evidence and clues while asking the right questions of those that you deem to be suspects. A keen eye and strong reasoning will serve you well in your post with the CSI forensic investigation team.

Based on the TV series with the same name you’ll find a few familiar faces and even crimes as you go through each scenario. On top of gameplay the game also includes a decent list of achievements, customisation and even the ability to take on a recruit who will add value in different ways.

At the start of your CSI: Hidden Crimes you’ll be introduced to D.B. Russell in the Las Vegas Crime Lab, your supervisor on the graveyard shift. Soon after introductions though player are flung head first into their first homicide case where you’ll get a crash course in crime scene investigation.

Crime scenes in CSI: Hidden Crimes come in a range of formats and never feel overly repetitive in design. Within each scene your job is to find the appropriate evidence which is listed at the top of the screen. Items are collected by merely clicking on them with the zoom functionality assisting players to find those smaller objectives.

Once done with the crime scene you’ll return to the lab to engage in other activities involving the previously acquired evidence. The most standard of these is the autopsy analysis where you’ll learn more about the victim and particulars that will help you build a killer profile.

This will then lead players to secondary crime scenes where more evidence and information can be obtained by using the same hidden object gameplay as the primary scene. Some of these secondary scenes do make use of other logic or visual puzzles which provides a nice break from the core hidden object offering.


Once all evidence has been acquired players will be shown profiles of possible suspects which can be compared to the list of evidence to ensure you’re selection ticks all the boxes.

CSI: Hidden Crimes is a nicely crafted experience and doesn’t push its free to play model too far. While it will be undoubtedly slower without spending some cash the game doesn’t do so excessively.


  • Solve CSI inspired cases with your trusty team.
  • Find hidden objects and other interactive puzzles for clues.
  • Point the finger at the right suspect with the support of your evidence.
  • Get help from your friends to move through the game faster.
  • Free for Android and iOS devices.

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CSI: Hidden Crimes, 8.7 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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