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Dark Age Wars

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Bad: Can get quiet in off peak hours (forums and game)
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Dark Age Wars offers an online strategy experience and is set in a medieval game world. The game was released back in 2008 by Pixabit and has slowly grown since release to offer a great experience.


Gameplay is fairly typical of the genre with players focusing on building up their own military power by gathering resources and growing your home settlement to upgrade units and technology. As you grow in power you can attack rivals or create alliances in order to eventually achieve ultimate victory by conquering the Dark Age Wars universe.

As you would expect you start out with nothing in Dark Age Wars and must struggle to survive in the new harsh environment that you’ve been thrown into. Your starting area offers you a vast amount of farmland and resources that are yours for the taking. Using these resources wisely to start your empire is just the start of a long journey to conquering your enemies.

Once you start gathering resources you can start building your kingdom and enhance your resource potential with buildings like farms, mines and lumber mills to get your kingdom’s economy flowing. This thriving economy will attract both friends and enemies though so you will have to turn your attention to building a barracks, stable and eventually your own siege workshops which will allow you to unlock siege weapons to take part in siege warfare.


Not everything has to be about war though with players having options to also befriend their neighbours which are a mixture of player and computer controlled lands.

Dark Age Wars doesn’t try to innovate the genre but definitely provides a solid, accessible and fun experience that is perfect for fans of this type of game and even has appeal to players just starting to explore the world of online MMO strategy games.


  • Solid MMO strategy experience.
  • Good user base size.
  • In depth reports for battles and trades so you can crunch the numbers.
  • Interactive map makes exploring the game world easy.
  • Starter quests help guide your early development.

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Dark Age Wars, 7.8 out of 10 based on 22 ratings
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  1. Big Willie
    January 13, 2014

    Tough for new players to get anywhere. Moderators and ‘veterans’ crush all new players as soon as they build.

    a WordPress rating system

    a WordPress rating system
  2. K Jay
    December 18, 2014

    Well the game might be OK but problems with management made this game less than enjoyable, I lost over 3000 gold Approx AU$15 and no one cared even a moderator on the forums told me she had the same problem, they take your gold then nothing, I have complained, nothing, as I pointed out to them no one cares, if you play games like this that require you to purchase gold the least you would expect is for the game to reimburse you for any losses, If you don’t use gold then you probably won’t have any problems with the game.
    Give it a miss play something else.

    a WordPress rating system

    a WordPress rating system

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