Metacritic: 76/100
Release: Apr 2013
Reviewed on: PC

Darkfall Unholy Wars

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Good: Open PvP challenge – Large game world – Feeling of character customisation and choice
Bad: In game and server performance – Some game systems merely overcomplicated to be 'hardcore' rather than practical
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Note: This game has been shut down and is no longer available.

Darkfall Unholy Wars aims to bring the hardcore back to the MMO genre. Focusing on sandbox, PvP and a tonne of player driven elements the fantasy world is in the hands of players.


Offering a large fantasy world that covers both land and sea players can shape the empires as they rise and fall. With five expansion continents there is no shortage of environment and monster types.

With nearly endless PvP zones you’ll always have to be alert as you carve out your own role in this world. Whether you want to be a resource master, wealthy trader or powerful fighter. Regardless of your choice you’ll have plenty of opportunity to participate in huge clan wars with sieges, territory control and the capturing of cities.

Most notable in Darkfall Unholy Wars though is the combat, it’s real time, fast and requires manual aiming of your skills which makes it feel more like a first person game than MMO.

In addition to this active combat you’ll find a great progression system that centres around Prowess, a form of experience that is gained for nearly all game interactions based on the difficulty of the performed task. This currency can be in turn spent for skills and attributes to improve your character.


This goes hand in hand with your role which is selected from the four available that cover the usual archetypes of rogue, support, mage and warrior. Each role then has 4 schools of which 2 must be selected (a primary and secondary) where you’ll find your skills. While your secondary school does not allow for the ultimate skill within that tree you’ll get access to everything else although mana costs, cooldowns and even spell charge times may be impacted.

Darkfall Unholy Wars definitely achieves what it was aiming to do although some performance issues and brutal early game for new players (more than it needs to be) bring it back down to average territory and only ideal for a unique subset of gamers. For players who want to dedicate their life to a MMO though, Darkfall Unholy Wars awaits.


  • A hardcore MMO experience with open PvP and plenty of players taking full advantage of that fact.
  • 4 typical roles with customisation coming from the schools within each role.
  • Great player economy with crafting and resource collection.
  • Sandbox features let you create and guide the game world around you.
  • Real time combat offers room for skill to shine.

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Darkfall Unholy Wars, 6.9 out of 10 based on 10 ratings
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