Metacritic: 60/100
Release: Nov 2014
Reviewed on: PC

Defenders of Time

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Good: One of the fastest tower defence games – Co-op and competitive multiplayer
Bad: Lacks long term content to keep you engaged – Some strategy is lost due to faster game speed
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Defenders of Time introduces multiplayer (co-operative and competitive) into the tower defence genre, multiplying the level of fun and strategy. With a few other fresh ideas Defenders of Time brings lots of innovation to a classic gaming genre.


The core mechanics that you’ll recognise are all there from waves of enemies that will make a run for your base to various towers and enemies that each have their own strength and counters. These core features are all well designed in Defenders of Time giving it a solid foundation to build off for its more radical ideas.

These include the general fast paced nature of the game, the ability to get 100% of your costs back when selling a tower and the freedom to redirect enemy paths based on where you build towers. This last inclusion is definitely the most interesting feature of Defenders of Time and creates a much more dynamic and deep strategy experience as it allows you to play the same level in so many different ways.

Will it be better to merge two lanes of enemies together to focus your fire power? Or keep them separate to counter specific enemies? You’re in complete control of these paths which update based on your tower positioning.

Any tower defence game is only as good as the tower and enemy variety though which Defenders of Time offers a decent amount of, with just over half a dozen core towers that each have two upgrade paths depending on your needs. Enemies are equally varied and can also spawn with a number of interesting buffs that can significantly change your approach. This includes enemies splitting on death, invisible units, massive health regeneration and more.


While single player is a good solid offering the game thrives in its intended multiplayer modes (be it co-operative or competitive). Competitive particularly is lots of fun as having a human on the summoning end of enemies forces you to be much more strategic. Due to the small community size though finding a multiplayer game can be tough at this point of time so bringing friends along for the ride is recommended.

The interesting mechanics that Defenders of Time introduces make it well worth playing if you’re a tower defence addict particularly if you have friends willing to play with you. The faster pace of the game ensures your hand is always busy but also means there is less time for strategic thinking once you’re in the thick of things.


  • Fast paced tower defence.
  • Play alone, co-operatively or competitively.
  • Large range of towers and enemies.
  • Redirect enemy paths with your tower placement.
  • 100% cost return on sale encourages experimentation during each level.

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Defenders of Time, 7.6 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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