Metacritic: 76/100
Release: Apr 2009
Reviewed on: PC


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Good: Single player options and LAN – Multiple maps/modes
Bad: Smaller community and less balance than most other MOBAs
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Demigod falls under the MOBA game genre and has players taking control of their own demigod in a mixture of strategy, role playing and action.


Demigod has a focus on multiplayer gameplay but also offers a great single player experience which is still rare in the MOBA game genre, making it particularly attractive.

In the Demigod universe players find themselves battling for a spot that has recently opened up in the Pantheon as a previous god has fallen from grace. You’ll take control of your own demigod from eight possible options that fall under two different types (assassins and generals) and fight through a variety of maps as you gain experience and gold to unlock abilities and equipment.

The gameplay in Demigod stays very true to the MOBA genre but adds some additional game elements. Just like other games in the genre players take control of powerful beings in the game world (known as demigods) that act like champions or heroes in other MOBA games.

In each game map you’ll be given a variety of objectives to secure and be supported by troops (similar to minions) that will battle amongst themselves and require your leadership to ensure success. Each of the demigods in the game have their own unique skills and abilities so a different strategy is required based on your choice and that of your enemy.


Players are able to further customise their chosen demigod outside of the battlefield with new abilities and equipment based on experience and gold that they have earned in rewards for their efforts. Thankfully there is definitely enough variety here to satisfy MOBA fans and allows for two people to play the same character in a variety of ways.

The real attraction to Demigod is the large number of maps and the single player gameplay which most MOBA games still lack. There is still LAN options available though so you can play with friends through connected computer systems if you wish.


  • Take control of your own demigod with unique powers.
  • Multiple maps and varied game objectives to create great game variety.
  • Support for LAN play and great AI for single player.
  • Customise your demigod with skills and equipment.
  • Very polished and smooth game mechanics.

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Demigod, 7.7 out of 10 based on 11 ratings
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1 Comment

  1. Nukemonk
    December 13, 2014

    I played this game a lot. But only versus computers since there are hardly 2 people online. Usually no one is. But at the time of writing this game is already very old. But yet some others are too and still have millions players.
    Still awesome game but no longer supported.



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