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Release: Jan 2014
Reviewed on: iOS

Detective Grimoire

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Bad: Short and a little too easy
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Detective Grimoire is a high quality murder mystery that utilises point and click gameplay and combines it with a wealth of impressive characters. It’s an amazing game of mystery, dialogue, detective work and lovable characters.


The game serves as a reboot/sequel of a game with the same name that was released for free and playable on a number of online game websites (still online today). This serves as a great introduction to the sort of gameplay you’ll experience before taking the plunge with the paid version and will definitely get you hooked.

In Detective Grimoire gameplay revolves around your search for clues which involves a mixture of hunting for evidence and interviewing witnesses to solve the mystery hand. Interviewing in particular is extremely in depth with players having to combine clues together with the right questions to unlock the final and most important question for each character.

This mystery revolves around the death of a small tourist attraction owner whom was found dead in the middle of the marshes. The eerie part of the murder though is that the death seems to have been caused by the very mythical creature that the attraction used to draw in customers.


With the beautiful hand drawn art style, voice acting and great orchestral soundtrack bringing these eerie mystery to life Detective Grimoire is a difficult game to pass on.

The games only let down is the amount of gameplay which can take a master detective only a few hours and even newcomers to this style of game only an extra hour on top of that. This is the unfortunate cost of such an impressive experience but thankfully the price tag is appropriate for its length and quality, especially with the odd discount thrown in.


  • Based on the popular free to play title with the same name.
  • Find the clues, interrogate the witnesses and piece it together.
  • Beautiful hand drawn art style and voice acting brings the world to life.
  • An eerie mystery in the middle of a local attraction.
  • Play on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

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Detective Grimoire, 8.6 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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