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Good: Strong mix of MMO and ARPG – Great skill designs
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Combining Diablo like combat with the MMO genre is Devilian, it’s got many elements that you’ll instantly recognise. For those that love the communities of MMOs but prefer an action RPG combat style you’ll be well looked after with this tantalising free to play adventure.


Launching with four character classes Devilian Online lets you take control of a powerful Berserker to smash through enemies, an Evoker to call down a range of spells, a shadowhunter to attack from the shadows or the cannoneer who performs to stand at the back of the group and unload lots of damage at the cost of speed.

Each class uses 3 different skill trees for players to explore with options to easily reskill if you decide a particular path is no longer serving you well. Skills are everything you want in a game with flashy effects, multiple uses and synergy with other skills and classes. This of course encourages players to team up with friends to complete some of the more difficult dungeons to cover each other’s weaknesses but this is definitely not a requirement. Thanks to the persistent MMO world though it’s easy to switch between lone wolf and group fighter.

Beyond your base customisable character players can also activate a Devil Form for a temporary boost in power. For more permanent increases in power players can lean on the level and deep gear system that ensures randomised loot plays an important role but also combines with powerful world bosses that protect the most powerful loot drops in traditional MMO style.


Once players think they’ve reached the peak of their power the PvP game modes extend your adventure as you compete with others in small scale battles (3v3) or the large battleground engagements that allow teams of 20 on 20.

Devilian has done a tremendous job at picking out the best parts of action RPGs and blending it with MMO staples. For gamers that love the strong guild and economy features of a MMO but want greater control over their character and combat Devilian will met and exceed any expectations.


  • Potent mixture of MMO and action RPG.
  • Enjoy a persistent world, impressive dungeons and loot drops.
  • 4 character classes on launch with 3 skill trees each to explore.
  • Activate your Devil Form for a deadly boost of power.
  • Hunt alone or team up with friends or your guild (PvE or PvP).

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Devilian, 8.2 out of 10 based on 31 ratings
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