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Dino Empire

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Dino Empire (previously Dino on Fire) takes the Clash of Clans formula and introduces dinosaurs into the equation to create one of the more unique and exciting clones to date. Create the ultimate dinosaur tribe and claim victory over other players.


Fans of similar mobile strategy games will recognise many of the game elements that are present in Dino Empire from the real time control over your troops the base building elements it’s all there in a neat little bundle. This real time battle system goes a little further than most in the genre though with players able to control the structures that their troops attack and order them to their skills.

Dino Empire introduces some extra depth into the game though through the likes of upgradeable dinosaurs and varied missions that open up a huge range of PvE opportunities on top of the usual PvP that games in this genre offer (and generally focus on).

Upgradeable dinosaurs in particular are a real highlight of the game and encourage players to experiment with different teams of dinosaurs to overcome enemy defences. Each dinosaur has their own skill set and will grow stronger as you use their abilities in battle. You’ll find dozens of options to choose from with more being added regularly which constantly creates new strategies for players to use (and try to defend against).


On the defensive side of gameplay you’ll find choice to also be at a high for the genre with plenty of defensive structures available for players to protect their hard earned resources from raiding players. Joining your clan or starting your own will definitely help in this department and the built in social features make this aspect quite straight forward to manage.

If the PvP scene in MMO strategy games has never been your favourite aspect then you’ll be well looked after with the lengthy PvE campaign, adventure missions and even timed challenges that will test your strategy.


  • One of the best Clash of Clan competitors.
  • Real time control over your troops in battle.
  • Lots of dinosaurs with their own unique skills.
  • PvP and PvE options.
  • Rapidly growing community.

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Dino Empire, 7.6 out of 10 based on 22 ratings
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