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Dino Pets

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Good: Mixes dinosaurs and humans – Graphics – Buildings have uses
Bad: Most mythical creatures only available to paying players
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Tired of raising dragons? Try dinosaurs instead in Dino Pets a game that challenges you to make a safe haven for your own dinosaur family. Available for free on iOS and Android there is plenty of gameplay to enjoy in this blend of city building and management game.


After you load up the game players will be introduced to Chieftain Imani who teams up with his daughter Asha and you to turn the vacant land around them into a thriving area that dinosaurs can call home. You’ll get to run through a quick tutorial that covers all the basics of building an area for each dinosaur, sending dinosaurs on a date to create offspring and clearing land for your expansion.

The general gameplay of Dino Pets is similar to other games in the genre but really steps ahead of the alternatives with a crisp user interface and less intense learning curve that makes it easier to get into the meat of gameplay faster.

In Dino Pets players will have to buy the required habitats for dinosaurs before they can even think of raising dinosaurs. Each of these habitats are unique depending on the dinosaur which really makes your settlement feel alive right from the get go.

These dinosaur areas will generate revenue for you to expand further and allow you to make baby dinosaurs of each type. Eventually you’ll use the Mystery Cave to breed your dinosaur population together and create some very unique combinations.


When you aren’t handling your dinosaur population players will be able to focus on selecting buildings that each provide their own benefit, growing their human population with various huts or simply decorating their area with the available decorations.

With Dino Pets packing in 50 dinosaurs that once walked the Earth and an additional two dozen mythical creatures you have plenty of content to enjoy for months to come.


  • Raise a dinosaur settlement.
  • Manage humans, dinosaurs and mythical creatures.
  • Breed dinosaurs together to create new combinations.
  • Plenty of unique buildings and decorations.
  • Play on Android and iOS.

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Dino Pets, 8.3 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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