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Doll And The City

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Doll And The City is an online fashion game that lets you create your own doll and dress them up with a huge collection of options. The game was developed by Serial Clicker, a development team that specialises in games for children.


At the start of your Doll And The City adventure players will focus on creating their doll (either male or female, with baby options also available). There are a huge number of options for the facial features of your doll in Doll And The City so it is easy to replicate yourself in the game or create a look based on your favourite celebrity.

Once you’ve set your dolls facial features it’s onto hair styles. Again players will find a huge number of hair options from normal hairstyles to wacky and crazy styles. Once you’ve got your hair style selected it’s time go shopping! Shopping in Doll And The City is a truly fun experience thanks to the variety on hand. Players can work the shopping street as they visit a large collection of stores that each have their own vibe.

Shopping doesn’t stop at clothes though as players also have the ability to decorate their homes with a huge number of furniture items and even adopt their own pet.


Shopping doesn’t come free though and players will have to support themselves with Citydollars to continue their shopping habit. Earning Citydollars is fairly easy by working a job, winning them from contests or playing the various mini games on the website. In addition to these methods players can purchase a VIP membership to boost their income and gameplay options.

Doll And The City is an impressive fashion experience that is definitely one of the best in the genre. The number of options players have available to them is definitely the best feature.


  • Create your own unique doll.
  • Purchase clothes from various stores to dress up your doll.
  • Decorate rooms with furniture and pets.
  • Work your way up the job ladder from babysitter to designer.
  • Grab a VIP membership to unlock even more of the game world.

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Doll And The City, 8.2 out of 10 based on 24 ratings
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  1. anchal
    January 10, 2015

    a good video


  2. Klover
    April 30, 2015

    There’s not very many people on there, let alone active people. It looks old, and it is an old site. But the impressive part is how well it still works. No bugs to see.
    DollandtheCity is really only played for the amazing clothes. I’m pretty sure almost everything on the website is created by regular members. They make their own clothing and then sell it and the talent shown by these people is beautiful. You can make your own clothes relatively quickly, and I’m just in awe of the options. There are so many customization options.



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